Vidurashwatha Freedom Memorial Complex is situated in the area adjacent to Vidurashwatha Temple in a sprawling 4 ½ acres on the banks of the Pinakini river that used to flow from the Nandi Hill ranges towards Andhra Pradesh. The Complex includes (a) erection of a cenotaph in memory of the martyrs 0f 1938 firing here which felled 30+ volunteers; (b) Freedom Memorial Park created by the Union Government including an open theater & a children park area; (3) a 200 + seater A/C auditorium with modern facilities to conduct theater presentations, film shows & cultural activities built by the Government of Karnataka.


          Veerasoudha is at the center of the serene lush surroundings & forms the soul of the Complex housing a picture gallery in one part & a library in the other.  The gallery, A Pictorial History of the Great Indian Freedom Struggle, has 104 graphic units that revive the memories of Indian Struggle for Independence covering a period of 189 long-drawn years in different stages in the most excellent exhibition format in Karnataka.  Different stages covered in the pictorial exhibits in the Gallery:

Pre-Gandhian Phase

The battles fought by the principalities against the political aggressiveness of the East India Company

Peoples’ resistance against the exploitation & misrule of the British.

Insurgency of Indian sepoys against the humiliation & discrimination of the British Military Establishment.

Peasant & workers uprising all over the subcontinent under the local leadership.

Gandhian Phase

Gandhi’s entry that shaped 100+ years of armed struggle into a non-violent mass movement.

Six significant all-India movements organized between 1920 & 1942 under the leadership of Gandhi.

1947 & Post-1947 political developments till the liberation of Goa.


The Freedom Memorial Library is a theme-based book-hive covering the theme of freedom struggles & liberation movements in & out side India, discourses on nation-building both in their creative & critical variants, domestic & global transformation debates & historical perceptions. Presently it has a collection of over 2000 books (both Kannada & English) and it will be developed into a research library in the years to come.


A Mural Art Gallery project in collaboration with Chitra Kala Parishad is in progress which will have fiber mural moulds in 20 units (12/6” size each) depicting the freedom struggles exclusively fought in Karnataka against colonial masters.


An exclusive gallery representing the events relating to deportation & incarceration of the heroes of freedom struggle (pre & post-1857) is also planned to make it full-fledged. Sponsors appreciated.


The Complex is open for visitors between 9.30 am & 4.30 pm except on Tuesdays with an entry fee.

Visitors have to buy authorized tickets at the Complex counter.


Adult: Rs. 10/- (per person)

Children below the age of 15, visiting independently or with their family Rs. 5/-   (per person)

V to X-class group of students (not less than 10 at a time excluding their teachers) with authorization letter from the institution Rs. 2/-

Enquiries: +919341939770/ +919632148766


We regret that no accommodation facility is available presently.

But enquiries can be made for the night hours stay at Yatrinivas run by the Temple Committee during office hours. Call:


You can help us in the development of the Complex by sponsoring any of the already existing units or a new unit on the card.

Contribute your mite in the procurement of books for the library.

Contact 9731715571 for details



10 km to north from Gauribidanur on Bengaluru- Hindupur State Highway.

45 km to North from Chikkaballapur on Kolar- Hindupur road via Gauribidanur.

90 km to North-east from Tumkur on Tumkur- Hindupur road via Gauribidanur.

15 km to South from Hindupur on Hindupur-Bengaluru State Highway.


Bengaluru City to Viyayawada- Passenger train leaves SBC around 8am & reaches Vidurashwatha  Rly. station around 11 am. Return: Same train around 1.30 pm to Bengaluru City Vidurashwatha Rly. station.

Get down at Vidurashwatha Cross (bus or train) which is just over 1 km to Veerasoudha Complex. Autos wait for passengers at the cross from dawn to dusk.